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Expand your experience of the hit live stage show "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea" while you are IN THE THEATRE watching it! Before the show, access exclusive content. During intermission, find out what happens to the characters, and share your own undersea photos. After the show you can customize your certificate as a citizen of New Atlantis! Continue to explore the Nautilus on your own time, and watch the series for the Agents of Nemo in the world of Kidoons. In the Science Lab, watch "Nautilus Leaks" videos of real water scientists who are researching solutions, and learn how you can help protect our oceans and waters today. "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea" is the one theatrical experience that asks you to leave your phone ON.

The stage production of "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea" is co-created by Craig Francis and Rick Miller, and produced by Kidoons and WYRD Productions. For schedule visit:

The App is created by Kidoons and Olobotics.

The App and the show are for all ages. 

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